Buy stable gas condensate in bulk with delivery

Gas condensate is a combination of liquid hydrocarbons derived from natural gas condensation. Kazoil Kopa the first independent brokerage firm, provides certified services for the purchase of various types of oil and gas products. Gas condensate can be obtained at a reasonable price and delivered quickly. Our professional brokerage service, as well as our guidance and support in all aspects, enable you to make the best possible bargain.

What is natural gas condensate?

A condensate is formed when a gaseous substance transitions to a liquid state. The condensation process usually entails cooling the substance or lowering the pressure. During natural gas production, the same mechanisms are present. As a result, the temperature of gas deposits drops during the drilling procedure. A gas concentrate is a mixture of hydrocarbons extracted from natural gas that has turned into a liquid state.

Natural gas condensate deposits have an unstable variant of the condensate. The gas condensate facility receives this product for further processing. The condensate is degassed and cleaned from contaminants through a series of processes. Stable gas condensate is a substance created through technological methods. White oil is its other name. It’s a straw to brown substance, technically. The hue of the concentrate is determined by the amount of oil contaminants present.

Where is stable gas condensate used?

Gas concentrations’ applications are directly connected to their composition. Because of its similarities to motor gasoline, this chemical is often utilized in the manufacture of:
  • diesel fuel;
  • fuel for boilers;
  • high quality gasoline.
  • The advantage of using is the low price of gas condensate.

  • plastic industry;
  • production of synthetic rubber;
  • production of aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • How much does gas condensate supply cost?

    Gas concentration, an oil and gas industry product, does not have a fixed price when purchased in bulk or at retail. The price of the commodity is continually fluctuating and is determined by:
  • external and internal market factors;
  • product quality and quantity of impurities;
  • purchase volumes.
  • A personal trader from our organization will provide consultations and aid in estimating the final cost of the product. Experienced brokers can assist you in selecting gas concentration at a competitive price while preserving the product’s needed dimensions and qualities.