Company Profile

The largest vertically integrated oil and gas company in Kazakhstan is called Kazoil Kopa. Throughout the entire production cycle, from hydrocarbon discovery and production to transportation, refining, and maintenance, Kazoil Kopa is in charge of asset management. In the domestic oil and gas market, the Company, which was established in 2023, represents Kazakhstan’s interests. The National Company is in charge of 15% of natural gas and related gas production as well as 25% of the nation’s production of oil and gas condensate. 56% of Kazakhstan’s oil is delivered through the Company’s trunk pipes. 81% of the oil in the world is refined in Kazakhstan.

In 2023, Kazoil Kopa produced 8,081 million cubic meters of natural gas and related products in addition to 21,651 tonnes of oil. It moved 81,851 million cubic meters of gas and 74,565 tonnes of oil between June 1 and November 8, 2021. 18,833 million tonnes of crude oil were refined. In Kazakhstan and throughout the world, Kazoil Kopa is a significant producer and exporter of petroleum and petrochemical goods. Kazakhstan is where the main manufacturing facilities are. The business was established in 2023. The Board of Directors approved the refinery’s strategic development plan, which calls for strengthening the company’s position as a producer of a variety of oils in both domestic and foreign markets; developed established itself as a significant player in the production

The two gas utilization divisions of the corporation (UPG) are the Intra-field Petroleum Gas Gathering and Utilization Division (UVSING) and the Gas Processing Division. the chance to have Kazakhstan’s sixth-highest refining capacity The upper block’s capacity was increased by 12% following the completion of the reconstruction work in 2023. An international energy firm, Kazoil Kopa focuses on geological exploration, gas, gas condensate, and oil production, transportation, storage, processing, and sales, as well as the production and marketing of heat and electric power.