Buy bitumen at a bargain price in bulk from a reliable supplier with delivery

Bitumens are solid or tar-like products containing a mixture of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Buying bitumen in bulk from the manufacturer is relevant for:
  • cold and hot asphalt mixes;
  • emulsions with the addition of bitumen;
  • road mastic and other materials.
  • natural bitumen, which is not a commercial product;
  • artificial bitumen – it can be bought in bulk from the manufacturer to solve various technological problems.
  • Our firm, SPIMEX’s first independent broker, provides qualified brokerage services, support, and aid to its clients in resolving any concerns concerning the acquisition of petroleum products. With our assistance, purchasing bitumen in bulk in Kazakhstan may be done at a low cost while retaining the essential quality.

    Characteristics and properties of bitumen

    Road bitumen is characterized by the following indicators:
  • extensibility;
  • conditional hardness of cold material;
  • the temperature at which softening occurs;
  • penetration – characterizes the density of the oil product.
  • Bitumen is frequently acquired in bulk for the following purposes: road repair, construction, and asphalting; it is also used to create airport pavements. Both the original and liquid forms of the substance can be utilised. The employment of specific thinners makes this possible. The material obtained as a result of liquefaction allows repair and building work to be extended as well as carried out during the winter.

    How much does bitumen cost in bulk from the manufacturer?

    The price of buying and selling bitumen wholesale and retail depends on a combination of a number of factors of the external and internal market of petroleum products. Among them:
  • the brand of the purchased product;
  • purchase volume;
  • trade support.
  • You can choose and buy bitumen in quantity with the help of our experts, and the price will be as low as feasible. Our company’s professionals can provide advice on the ultimate cost and pricing details.

    How is the product delivered?

    It is possible to purchase bitumen with delivery to any city, area, or territory of Kazakhstan, as well as to other countries. Rail and road are two possible modes of transportation. The specific method is chosen based on the customer’s location’s transportation interchange, the desired speed of receiving goods, and the number of purchases. Wholesale bitumen will be delivered as soon as possible, without downtime, and with a guarantee of safety, regardless of the mode of transportation.

    Benefits of making deals with professional traders

    The main advantages of cooperation with our company include:
  • impressive service experience;
  • professionalism and qualification of specialists;
  • guarantee of transparency and security of transactions;
  • the best cost of production;
  • flexible payment system and the possibility of deferred payment;
  • bonus program for regular customers.
  • With the help of a leading dealer, you may buy bitumen in bulk in Kazakhstan swiftly and profitably.