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Welcome to Kazoil Kopa

Kazoil Kopa is a leading vertically integrated oil and gas company in Kazakhstan. Kazoil Kopa manages assets throughout the entire production cycle, i.e. from exploration and production of hydrocarbons to transportation, refining and provision of maintenance services. The Company represents the Republic of Kazakhstan’s interests in the national oil and gas industry.

15% of the nation’s natural gas and associated gas, as well as 25% of the oil and gas condensate, are produced by Kazoil Kopa. 56 percent of Kazakhstan’s oil is transported via the company’s main pipelines. 81% of the oil refined in Kazakhstan goes through these facilities. In 2023, Kazoil Kopa produced 8,081 million cubic meters of natural gas and associated gas in addition to 21,651 million tonnes of oil. From July 1 to November 8, 2023, it moved 74,565 tonnes of oil and 81,851 million cubic meters of gas.

What We Do

We trade, transport and operates in the Oil and Gas Extraction sector.

The current global economy requires the development of long-term commodities and energy solutions.

Kazoil Kopa utilizes its presence in Kazakhstan as a contributor to serve markets around the world. The world’s future solutions for commodities and energy can be found here through innovation and high-quality performance. The future is supplied by Kazoil Kopa. And we make it our goal to act responsibly in doing so.

Key Figures

we trade in more than


around the world

we trade more than


barrels of crude oil and products daily

we generated 2021 revenue of


dollars (US)

we employ

men and women

around the world

Ethics and Conformity

A Compliance Department that leads the industry has been built by Kazoil Kopa with millions of dollars invested. To reduce risks and prepare for others in the commodities trading industry, our teams are constantly working to improve corporate procedures. Our goal is to uphold the strictest moral principles and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations wherever we conduct business. Discover more.