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Health and Safety

Our main objective is to lessen workplace injuries and accidents in order to ensure employee safety, prevent health issues, lessen the impact of our operations on the environment, and enhance Kazoil Kopa’s reputation and image in accordance with the company’s environmental, occupational health, and safety policy. We keep enhancing our safety culture, raising the level of top management commitment to safety and health, expanding the rights and capabilities of our employees (enabling them to halt work that they feel is being done in a risky manner), and looking into the root causes of accidents. The Kazoil Kopa management has steadfastly supported and advocated for the following values over the last three years:

  • Priority of the value of life and human health over the results of production activities;
  • Involvement and training of managers at all levels on HSE matters;
  • Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Creating a positive safety culture to prevent accidents and incidents;
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders;
  • Safe performance of works and correction of unsafe behavior.
  • Our company’s occupational safety and health culture has undergone excellent change, and we’ve increased reporting transparency by more than 300 percent. The exchange of knowledge and information will be made possible by joining Kazoil Kopa, which will be the next step in enhancing transparency. Accident investigation and incident prevention that were based on root cause analysis, training, and the sharing of knowledge about lessons learned among the group of businesses had a positive effect on reducing.

    In order to identify areas for enhancement in occupational health and safety and to lower the number of accidents and industrial events, we continue to compare ourselves to other companies that are similar to ours in the oil and gas industry (International Organization of Oil and Gas Producers, IOGP). To enhance the safety culture and lower the number of workplace injuries, the following actions have been taken:

  • All vehicles of the Group are equipped with safety seat belts;
  • A Program “Behavioral Safety Surveillance” was developed;
  • Corporate documents were developed.