Purchase aviation jet fuel in bulk and have it delivered to your country.

Aviation jet fuel is a type of kerosene specifically designed for use in diesel aircraft engines. Our company Kazoil Kopa – the first independent oil dealer on the Kazakhstan International Commodity Exchange – offers aviation fuel purchases in Kazakhstan. Brokerage services ensure transaction success and allow you to acquire aviation fuel at a reasonable price.

Aviation fuel specifications

Buying aviation fuel is relevant, taking into account its specifics and properties. The key characteristics of fuel and lubricants are:
  • the value of mass, as well as volumetric heat of combustion of the material;
  • saturated vapor pressure level;
  • the level of viscosity with a drop in temperature;
  • thermal stability of fuel;
  • fractional composition;
  • level of compatibility with construction materials, as well as seals;
  • additional properties, including engine wear protection.
  • The cost of aviation fuel directly depends on the value of these indicators and can fluctuate over a wide range. Our experts will help you choose the best offers from suppliers to make a mutually beneficial purchase.

    Where to buy aviation fuel?

    Buying jet fuel in Kazakhstan has its own set of complications. All buyers must deal with challenges such as choosing the best option, determining the optimum cost-to-quality ratio, and receiving gasoline on time. In order to purchase aviation fuel in Kazakhstan, our organization provides comprehensive support and competent guidance to customers. Deliveries are made as fast and efficiently as feasible to any part of the country.

    How much does it cost to buy aviation gasoline?

    In the conditions of the modern market of petroleum products, prices are not stable. This also applies to aviation fuel. Pricing is associated with both external and internal factors. In addition, it matters:
  • the volume of purchases, while the price of aviation fuel per liter is significantly reduced with large wholesale deliveries; quality indicators of fuel;
  • the level of qualification, skills and abilities of the broker accompanying the purchase and sale transaction.
  • Thanks to the services of our company, you can select and purchase aviation fuel, the price per ton of which will be extremely favorable, and the quality and high service of delivery will exceed all expectations.

    Benefits of making deals with professional traders

    The company’s clients choose our brokerage service for the following advantages:
  • simplicity and efficiency of the conclusion of transactions;
  • affordable price for aviation fuel;
  • the possibility of deferred payment;
  • transparency of all procedures;
  • control of delivery processes and elimination of downtime;
  • professionalism and experience of the company’s employees;
  • bonus program for regular customers.
  • Choose proven and reliable brokers. Buy jet fuel for your business at below market price per ton.